Gold standard

A metallic currency is not subject to government manipulation. The gold standard was an efficacious check upon credit expansion, as it forced the banks not to exceed certain limits in their expansionist ventures. The gold standard’s own inflationary potentialities were kept within limits by the vicissitudes of the gold mining.

The significance of the fact that the gold standard makes the increase in the supply of gold dependent upon the profitability of producing gold is, of course, that is limits the government’s power to resort to inflation. The gold standard makes the determination of money’s purchasing power independent of the chaning ambitions and doctrines of political parties and pressure groups. This is not a defect of the gold stadard, it is it main excellence.

Nationalists are fighting the gold standard because they want to sever their countries from the wolrd market and to establish national autarky as fas as possible. Interventionist governments and pressure groups are fighting the gold standard because they consider it the most serious obstacle to their endeavors to manipulate prices and wage rates. But the most fanatical attacks against gold are made by those intent upon credit expansion.

The purchasing power of gold is not stable. But the very notions of stability and unchangeability of purchasing power are absurd. In a living and changing world there cannot be any such thing as stability of purchasing power. It is an essential feature of money that its purchasing power is changing. The international gold standard works without any action of the part of governments. It is effective real cooperation of all members of the world-embracing market economy. There is no need for any government to interfere in order to make the gold standard work as an international standard.

What governments call international monetary cooperation is concerted action for the sake of credit expansion.

«In the absense of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store or valve… Gold stands as a protector of property rights» -Alan Greenspan


~ av Sigurd Mellqvist den 22/07/2009.

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