Federal Reserve, an agency?

The Fed is not an agency of the government. McChesney Martin, Chairman of the Fed, stated ambiguously before a Congressional Committee that the Fed was an agency of the United States Government. Yet, Chairman Marriner Eccles had previously stated that the Fed had more power in matters of money and credit than the federal government or the president. Some agency, where the agency has more power than its controller or owner. Obviously Marriner Eccles statement plainly said: The Federal Reserve is not an agency of the federal government.

The fact is the Federal Reserve System is not federal. It is not a reserve. And it is not a system. The whole name is a lie. They will not submit to an audit and they will not tell you who owns them. There is an iron curtain around the Federal Reserve, stronger and more forbidding than the iron curtain created after World War II by Joseph Stalin.

The first chairman of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg of the Kuhn Loeb banking firm in Germany, a German citizen. While he ran the Federal Reserve System of the United States, and financed the first World War in America, his brother financed the first World War in Germany.

Mercury, 1975

~ av Sigurd Mellqvist den 23/07/2009.

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