The Bilderberg Society

The Trilateral Commission is an outgrowth of the Bilderberg society, a secretive annual gathering of the most influential financiers and political agents of the Council on Foreign Relations, the leaders of the international oil cartel and their oligarchical allies, directed toward defining broad strategic policies. The society was constituted in 1954 and its activity centers around an annual closed meeting at which strategic policy goals are formulated for implementation through the political-economic-military power at the disposal of the conferees. Until his implication in the Lockheed scandal, the society was chaired by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands.

Trilateral North American Secretary, George Franklin, a personal aide to David and the late Nelson Rockefeller since World War II, and staff director of the Council on Foreign Relations for 26 years, described the Bilderberg origins of the Commission in a New Times magazine interview with journalist Robert Scheer.

Franklin stressed that Bilderberg has been pivotal in hammering out a common Cold War stance between the European and American corporate and political elite. . .  It has been instrumental in determining new structures within which the elite can extend and flex its power. The Trilateral Commission, a more above-ground version of the Bilderberg, which recently received attention because of Jimmy Carter’s attendance grew directly out of the Bilderberg Conferences

Among the current leaders of the Bilderberg Society are Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, J. G. Clarke, the senior vice-president of Exxon, and Sir David Steel, the chairman of British Petroleum.

In the spring of 1979, the Executive intelligence Review discovered a secret conference in process in Baden, Austria of the Bilderberg Society. Among the most prominent points of discussion was the promotion of Islamic fundamentalism. This included the rise to power of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. Present was Bernard Lewis of Princeton University who gave his name to a plan to fragment the current nation-states of the Middle East into warring tribal and religious entities. Also attending was Roger M. Savory, who has worked on behalf of the same policy.

The Bilderberg also endorsed the decision of the London-based international oil cartel for a phony oil crisis against the population of the United States. The ensuing crisis in the summer of 1979 was staged to coincide with the installation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (FEMA) Two current contenders for the GOP nomination for President have direct associations with the Bilderberg; John Anderson and Gerald Ford. Anderson was present at the 1979 Bilderberg meeting. His links to Bilderberg run through the networks built by aging diplomat Averell Harriman, the U.S. initiator of the Bilderberg group. Anderson’s policy planks are largely shaped by his ties to Harriman, notably through his newly appointed «national communications director,» Richard Stout. Stout was formerly assigned by Harriman to assist the campaign for Sentate of Daniel Moynihan and was an aide to the 1976 presidental campaign of Rep Morris Udall, which was largely funded by Harriman.

Ford’s association with the Bilderberg did not begin with his presidency, but with his emergence as the House Minority Leader. In both 1964 and 1966 Ford was invited to and participated in the annual secret Bilderberg meeting, his first invitation coinciding with his appointment as a member of the Warren Commission on the assassination of John. F. Kennedy.


~ av Sigurd Mellqvist den 26/07/2009.

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  1. This is the type of humor that we need to be listening to right now. It is time to simultaneously realize that our fate is intertwined and being controlled by a group of giant pricks.

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